Reading Comprehension Test: Beginner level

Dear visitors! If you have A2 level of Russian and you would like to test your reading skills, this test was designed especially for you. It is made of short texts, dedicted to main Russian vocabulary topics.

Reading Comprehension Test: Beginner level


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7 thoughts on “Reading Comprehension Test: Beginner level

    • Yes, but it also says that Moscow has “everything” and then starts a list that would include parks if you completed the list. I also missed this question, for the same reason, but it’s one of those logical “reading comprehension” questions where the “right” answer is always up to the author of the test.

  1. there must be a third option such as no precise statement. There is only given that she works as accountant. There is no statement about the volume of her work: she can work a lot, she might work less, or her profession is accountant but she might be unemployed.

  2. These are a great help! thanks for providing such a wonderful free service…people should try to focus on the positive and not negative aspects when getting something for free 😉

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