Verbs that Form Many Gerunds

November 16, 2019 | Tags: Russian gerunds

Did you know that some Russian verbs can form many gerunds, which are synonyms? For example, many verbs that end in -нуть – высохнуть (высохнув, высохши), to dry; запереть (заперев, заперши), to shut. etc. Many verbs of motion can form 2 gerunds: принести-принёсши, принеся, to bring; привести – приведши, приведя, to lead somebody somewhere, etc. Some reflexive verbs also form 2 gerunds: возвратиться – возвратившись, возвратясь. There are even some verbs that can form 3 gerunds: увидеть – увидев, увидевши, увидя, to see; услышать – услышав, услышавши, услыша, to hear.

The gerunds that end in -ши are mainly used in classical Russian litarature, they are not widely used anymore.