Russian Verbs of Motion without Prefixes

July 19, 2018 | Tags: Russian verbs of motion

Did you know that all the verbs of motion without prefixes are always imperfective? The difference between them is that the first one indicates a unidirectional movement, and the second one is multidirectional.

Here are the main pairs with their main meanings:

  1. Идти-ходить: go on foot
  2. Ехать-ездить: go by transport
  3. Бежать-бегать: run
  4. Плыть-плавать: swim, go by ship
  5. Лететь-летать: to fly.
  6. Нести-носить: to carry something on the body
  7. Везти-возить: to carry something by transport
  8. Вести-водить: to lead somebody.