Russian Verbs of Motion with the Prefix по-

May 22, 2018 | Tags: Russian verbs of motion

Did you know that if you add the prefix по- to the verbs of motion of the same group (идти-ходить, for example), they would mean two completely different things? По- used with the first verb means a unidirectional movement, “to start an action” or it is just a Perfective verb for идти. По- used with the second verb means “to be walking for a short period of time”. The same happens to all the other verbs of motion: ехать-ездить, плыть-плавать, бежать-бегать, лететь-летать, нести-носить, везти-возить and вести-водить.

For example,

Завтра мы поедем во Владимир. Tomorrow we will go to Vladimir.
Мы поездили по России. We travelled through Russia.

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