Russian Short Adjectives with the Instrumental Case

March 15, 2019 | Tags: Russian adjectives

Did you know that Russian short adjectives can be used with different cases? The most common short adjectives, used with the Instrumental case, are болен (to be ill with), богат (rich in), беден (poor in), известен (famous for), доволен (pleased with), знаком с (to be acquainted with), согласен (to agree with), дружен с (to have somebody as a friend), удивлён (surprised by).

For example,

Я болен гриппом.  I am ill with a flu.

Россия богата газом. Russia is rich in gas.

Испания бедна лесом. Spain is poor in wood.

Он известен своими ролями в кино. He is famous for his cinema roles.

Я доволен результатами. I am pleased with the results.

Ты с ними знаком? Have you met them?

Я согласен с твоей точкой зрения. I agree to your point of view.

Я дружен со многими актёрами. I am befriended to many actors.

Она удивлена его поведением. She is surprised by his behaviour.

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