Russian Past Tense: Exceptions

April 6, 2018 | Tags: Russian Past tense

Did you know that there is an exception in forming the past tense form for some Russian verbs which have the infinitive ending in -чь, -ти, -нуть? The suffix л is not used to form the past tense form of such verbs if they are used with singular masculine subjects.

  • беречь – Саша берёг (to keep – Sasha kept)
  • сохнуть – цветок сох (to dry – the flower was drying)

However, the suffix л  is used for the same verbs if they are used with singular feminine and neutral, as well as all plural subjects. For example:

беречь – берегла, берегли.
сохнуть – сохла, сохли.

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