Russian Nouns that Are Always Plural

February 9, 2019 | Tags: Russian nouns

Did you know that there are some Russian nouns (about 600) that are always plural? They normally belong to these 4 categories:

  1. Abstract nouns, meaning complex actions (выборы, elections), natural phenomena (сумерки, twilight), traditions (похороны, funeral), games (прятки, hide-and-seek) and time periods (каникулы, holidays).
  2. Material nouns, meaning a substance or its remains (дрожжи, barm; дрова, firewood; духи, perfume).
  3. Concrete nouns, meaning pair or compound objects (брюки, trousers, очки, glasses, грабли, rake).
  4. Geographical names (Альпы, Alps; Балканы, Balkans).

Some of them have to be learned by heart, some of them are also always plural in English.



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