Russian Masculine Nouns with Zero Ending in Genitive Plural

September 11, 2018 | Tags: Russian Genitive case

Did you know that some masculine nouns in Genitive plural coincide in their form with Nominative singular?

For example,

раз (Nominative singular) – раз (Genitive plural), time, occasion

солдат – солдат, soldier

глаз – глаз, eye

ботинок – ботинок, shoe

сапог – сапог, boot

чулок – чулок, stocking

грузин – грузин, Georgian

грамм – грамм, gramm

партизан – партизан, partisan

человек – человек (only with numerals, сколько and несколько, in all the other cases людей is used), people.

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