Pronouns оба and обе

March 6, 2018 | Tags: Russian pronouns

Did you know that the pronouns оба and  обе mean “both”? We use оба when there are two men or a man and a woman or two objects of masculine gender. We use обе if there are two women or two objects of feminine gender. The pronouns оба and обе have their own declination.

Оба мужчины улыбнулись.
Both men smiled.

Я люблю вас обоих – вы мои родители!
I love you both, you are my parents.

Оба романа мне понравились,
I liked both novels.

Обе девушки нашли хорошую работу.
Both girls found a good job.

Я выписал фразы из обеих книг.
I wrote the phrases out of both books.

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