Paronyms in the Russian Language

October 28, 2018 | Tags: Russian vocabulary

Did you know that in the Russian language there are many paronyms, words that are pronounced or written in a similar way but which have different lexical meanings? They are normally studied at B2-C1 levels and included into TORFL tests. Sometimes it is hard to translate them correctly into other languages, they have to be learned in context.

For example,

Дружный, united
Дружественный, friendly (formal), amiable
Дружелюбный, friendly (informal)
Дружеский, hearty, friend’s

У меня дружная семья. I have a united family.

Дружественные страны России – Индия и Китай. India and China are friendly countries of Russia.

Саша – милый, дружелюбный человек. Sasha is a lovely, friendly person.

Дружеский совет тебе – не поступай на медицинский. Shall I give you  friendly advice? Don’t study medicine at university.


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