Meanings of the Prefix под with Verbs

October 2, 2019 | Tags: Russian prefixes

Did you know that the Russian prefix под has many different meanings used with verbs?

  1. In an upward direction:  Ты подбросила мяч: You threw up a ball.
  2. Adding something:  Катя подлила воды в кастрюлю: Katia poured more water into the pan.
  3. Approaching: Он подъехал к метро: He approached the metro station (driving)
  4.  Do an action under something: Подрыть землю под домом: Dig under the house.
  5.  Do something secretely: Он подслушивает наши разговоры: He listens secretely to our conversations.
  6. A little bit: Цветок подсох: The flower got a little dry.
  7. Do an action till a limit: Я подготовил доклад: I prepared the report.