Figurative Meaning of the Verb вести

April 27, 2019 | Tags: Russian verbs Russian verbs of motion

Did you know that many Russian verbs of motion have figurative meaning? For example, the verb вести can mean “to behave”, “to lead to”, “to be in war”, “to correspond”, “to conduct”, “to investigate”, etc.

For example,

Он плохо ведёт себя. He is behaving badly.

Такая политика ведёт к войне. This type of politics may lead to war.

Дневний Рим вёл много войн. The Ancient Rome has many wars.

Партнёры ведут активную переписку. Partners are corresponding actively.

Он ведёт музыкальную программу. He presents a music program.

Полицейские ведут следствие. The police are carrying out an investigation.


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