Difference between изучать, учиться and учить

September 10, 2019 | Tags: Russian verbs

Did you know that in Russian we have many different verbs that mean “to learn”, “to study” and “to teach”? We use the verb изучать in the meaning “to study a subject”, “to study something as a whole”. It is used with the Accusative case.  The verb учить means “to learn something in particular”, it is also used with the Accusative case. However, when used with the Accusative animate and Dative, it means “to teach something to somebody”. Учиться can mean a process of studying or the place of studies. It is used with the Prepositional case.

For example,

В университете я изучаю русский язык. I study Russian at university.

Я учу глаголы. I am learning some verbs.

Алексей Петрович учит детей литературе. Alexey Petrovich teaches literature to children.

Мне нравится учиться. I like studying.

Я учусь в школе. I study at school.


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