Berries in Russian, Always Singular

April 21, 2018 | Tags: Names of food in Russian

Did you know that the names of the berries in Russian are only used in singular number? Some names of vegetables and fruit are only used in singular, too.

For example,

Клубника (strawberries), малина (rasberries), черника (blueberries),  смородина (current), земляника (wild strawberries), рябина (rowanberries), etc.

Also used in  singular: капуста (cabbages), виноград (grapes), морковь (carrots), картофель (картошка, potatoes), чеснок (garlics), лук (onions), etc.

На столе лежала клубника. There were some strawberries on the table. Correct, singular.

На столе лежали клубники. There were some strawberries on the table. Incorrect, plural.


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