Russian grammatical cases

Learn about the Russian grammatical cases with our series of Russian tips covering important and intersting aspects of the Russian grammar and vocabulary.

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Russian Nouns Declined as Adjectives

Did you know that there is a group of Russian nouns, that are declined as adjectives? They are called substantive nouns. They have the same endings as adjectives. (more…) Learn more

Instrumental Сase with Means of Transport

Did you know you could use both Prepositional case with the preposition на (на поезде) and the Instrumental case (поездом) to speak about public transport? The Instrumental case sounds more… Learn more

Russian Collective Numbers

Did you know that, apart from ordinal and cardinal numbers, there are also collective numbers in the Russian language, such as: двое, твое, четверо, пятеро, шестеро, семеро. They are only… Learn more

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