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Russian Short Adjectives мал and велик

Did you know that we use Russian short adjectives мал (мало, мала, малы) and велик (велико, велика, велики) when we speak about clothes. For example, Этот свитер мне мал (велик).… Learn more

How to Read Russian Phone Numbers

Did you know that we read phone numbers using three-digit and two-digit numbers? For example, Мой номер телефона - 8-915-345-89-67 (восемь-девятьсот пятнадцать-триста сорок пять-восемьдесят девять-шестьдесят семь). My phone number is… Learn more

How to Say “in addition” in Russian

Did you know that there are many different ways of saying "in addition" or "moreover" in Russian? You can use кроме этого (того) and помимо этого, which are more formal, and… Learn more

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