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- Moscow State University, Ph.D., Teaching of Russian as a foreign language and Russian literature, Thesis: “The cognitive aspect of the teaching of reading for foreign students”.
- Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Master’s degree in teaching Russian as a foreign language

Work Experience

Mikhail is a specialist with extensive experience in Russian language tutoring. He offers Russian individual and group lessons to a wide range of students with different levels, nationalities and backgrounds. He teaches all types of courses. Mikhail currently works at the Moscow State University.

Mikhail started teaching Russian as a foreign language back in 1982. He has provided instruction in Russian language, literature and culture to hundreds of students, working in many different Russian and foreign universities such as: Rostov Civil Engineering Institute (http://en.ukc-sputnik.ru/rsuce), Moscow State Pedagogical University (http://eng.mpgu.edu/), International University (http://www.interun.ru/) , University of Graz (https://www.uni-graz.at/en/), University of Vienna (http://www.univie.ac.at/en/) and Seoul National University (http://www.useoul.edu/).
He is the author of the Russian grammar book called “Russian verbs, 11 portraits”.

Mikhail is currently working worldwide teaching Russian via Skype.

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