Russian Grammar Test: Imperfective and Perfective Verb Aspects

We created this test for those who want to check if they are real experts in the Russian verb aspects. This quiz is for beginners and the second one, which is going to be published next month, is for intermediate level students.

Imperfective and Perfective Verb Aspects


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5 thoughts on “Russian Grammar Test: Imperfective and Perfective Verb Aspects

  1. Thanks for the online test!

    Q9 the negative must be for смог

    Q14 I though would be either

    Он ещё не читал роман до конца or

    Он ещё не прочитал роман

    • Jacopo Volpato says:

      Well there’s the negation so it should be with a imperfective verb. Idk why there’s the perfective, maybe for the “till the end”?

    • Yulia Amlinskaya says:

      Hello! In the 14th question it is much better to use the perfective aspect because of the expression “до конца”. Without this expression, you can use either.

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