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If you recall, in the last article we talked about why it is worth it to start studying Russian, and about the many reasons for doing so. If you have already understood the reasons and objectives for studying Russian, then a more global challenge stands before you: how to realize this goal. For this, living some time in Russia and passing a course in Russian is the best option of all. But where offers the most effective courses and programmes of Russian language study? Today we will talk about just this!

Russian language schools in Moscow

Russian language schools in Moscow

The capital city offers a wide selection of Russian language schools and courses for foreigners. We can’t mention them all, but we’ll try!

1. Centre of International Studies MSU

The Centre of International Studies of MSU is one of the oldest educational centres for foreign nationals in Russia. Here it is possible to begin studying Russian from any level – starting from zero. Studying here is interesting; as the groups are mostly international, there is always lively conversation and cultural exchange. Particularly popular is the Russian language intensive course. The teaching staff are professional and have a lot of experience with students of various ages and levels of Russian. It is here at the Centre that the Russian language system of certification, TORFL, was developed. Here at the Centre international certification exams can be taken, which would be an advantage for you on your resume.

2. A.C. Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

The A. C. Pushkin Russian Language Institute was opened in 1973. Its main focus is Russian language instruction for foreigners. The institute offers a wide spectrum of Russian language courses for all levels of fluency and for all tastes: from social and conversational courses, to business courses, and courses of Russian culture and literature. Particularly popular are the summer intensive courses which are led by experienced certified instructors. A feature of the institute is its international atmosphere, as within its walls people from different countries, representing different cultures and nationalities, meet and get together. Placement of students in a residence that belongs to the institute is possible here.

3. RusLanguage, Center for Russian Language Studies

A Russian as a foreign language school located in the heart of Moscow, in the Old Arbat. The school was founded in 1991, and here works a team of professional instructors from the MSU. It is always possible to choose a convenient time for lessons – aside from the intensive courses, the school offers an evening course or otherwise, a course on a weekend day. The school has visa support for students and organizes interesting field trips through Moscow, and beyond.

4. Liden & Denz

This is a popular Russian as a foreign language school located in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg. The school is distinguished by its professionalism, comfortable classes, and its teachers who pay particular attention to the use of modern hi-tech resources. A communicative method predominates at the lessons.

5. RussianLab

The small, but very professional, Russian language school RusLab, has been in high demand lately among foreigners – and not by accident. It has comfortable, intimate classes, equipped with modern technical resources, experienced instructors, and small groups. In the school there is an almost homelike atmosphere – an atmosphere of free communication between students and instructors.

6. RusLingua

The teaching method of the school RusLingua is closely connected with the lives of expats in Moscow. The primary attention in the lessons is given to everyday conversational language. All the instructors are fluent in foreign languages, which makes the atmosphere at the lessons more comfortable for students. The school even organizes “linguistic excursions”: to the store, the market, to buy souvenirs, and so on.


It is not only possible to study Russian at this school in Moscow, but also in the beautiful city on the Volga of Nizhny Novgorod. The instructors at CREF will create a personalized program for each student, depending on his goals and needs. It is also important to note that the school has published several fantastic Russian grammar textbooks which are at the present time being used by practically all Russian as a foreign language teachers: “A Living Russian Grammar.” This once again proves the high level of professionalism of the instructors at the school.

8. Language Link: Russian Language and Culture Studies

This school offers a large choice of various Russian language courses, and also has visa support and helps students with accommodation. Russian culture occupies a central place in the course programs. At this school you can prepare for the official Russian language certificates. If you are tired of Moscow, you can go study Russian at the affiliated schools in Saint Petersburg or Volgograd. Also deserving of note is the school’s professional site design and the continuous posts dedicated to the Russian language on social media networks!

Russian Language Schools in Saint Petersburg

Russian Language Schools in Saint Petersburg

The northern capital does not lag behind the “southern сapital”, if it is not ahead of this last, and draws the attention of students to a wide selection of Russian as a foreign language schools. We will list a few of them.

1. The Saint Petersburg State University

The Saint Petersburg State University offers a wide selection of Russian language courses and the opportunity to sit exams for TORFL, the official Russian as a foreign language certification, of any level. True professionals work at the university – certified instructors with a great deal of work experience and authors of many textbooks and manuals.

2. Russian Language Program of the Saint Petersburg Politecnic State University

The program was created jointly along with the Dutch company LLC Petrion and complies with current standards of foreign language teaching. The school accepts students of all language levels and will create personalized programs of study for them.

3. Extra-Class Russian Language School

A small school in the centre of Saint Petersburg, director and head instructor of which is the Stanislav Chernishov, author of the well-known text-book “Поехали!” In this school a truly cozy, family-like atmosphere, an atmosphere of free dialogue and discussion, has been created. In the lessons, particular attention is paid to conversation practice, but neither is grammar overlooked.

4. Derzhavin Institute: Russian Language School

This school is one of the best centres of RFL in Saint Petersburg. It is located in a wonderful, old manor house. All the instructors of the school are philologists and certified specialists in RFL teaching. The school is officially recognized by the All-Russia Association of Instructors of Russian Language and Literature and along with other organizations. Besides classes, the school offers field trip programs, and also assists students with accommodation.

Russian language schools in other cities in Russia and the Ukraine

One ought not to think that Russian can be studied only in Moscow and Saint Petersburg! Recently, the number of schools has increased in other Russian cities as well, and the quality of some of these schools is not inferior to those schools in the capital!

Russian language schools in other cities in Russia

1. Enjoy Russian School in Petrozavodsk

A modern Russian language school offering a large number of interesting programs, located in the superbly beautiful city of Petrozavodsk in the north of Russia. The school is very active on Facebook, where there are continuously being posted new exercises and articles.

2. Exlinguo School in Novosibirsk

A comfortable centre, equipped with all the necessary technical resources , offering personalized programs for students. The school offers an excellent opportunity – accommodation in a Russian household!

3. NOVAMOVA School on Kiev

Russian language schools in other cities in Russia and the Ukraine

This school is the official preparatory centre for Russian language TORFL exams from level A1 to level C1. The main training within the school is in methods of communication, including practice with everyday situations, role-playing games, and discussion, however grammar and vocabulary learning are also important. The centre has an affiliate in Odessa.

4. Echo Eastern Europe School in Kiev

This school offers a wonderful opportunity: to learn not only Russian, but also Ukrainian. You can choose between private or group lessons, and you can also enter the Russian language business course. The school also works with corporate clients

And so, there are truly many opportunities, you must simply choose which one is the best one for you. Have you already studied Russian in Russia or the Ukraine? Help us add to the list: tell us where you studied!

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