Russian Literature

This course is aimed at Russian language students at the B2-C1 level who are interested in Russian literature and the history of Russian literature of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as in contemporary Russian literature. If adapted texts are used, however, then a teacher could work with a student at the B1 level as well. In the lessons students are introduced to the most significant works of Russian writers, both poetry and prose, in chronological order. The teacher will acquaint students with the biographies of authors as well as the historical contexts surrounding the creation of each work. During the lessons the teacher helps students analyse each work while drawing students’ attention to the lexical and grammatical particularities of the text. The course is accompanied by videos connected to the topic of the lessons. The average course comprises 30 hours, however it may be extended according to a student’s wishes.

Сlass materials used:

  • Works of Russian writers and poets in the original language;
  • Books from the series “Zlatoust Library”;
  • Kulibina, N. Читаем стихи русских поэтов (Reading the works of Russian poets). – Saint Petersburg: Златоуст, 2008;
  • От Пушкина до Бродского. Антология русской поэзии XIX-XX веков. (From Pushkin to Brodsky. Anthology of Russian Poetry 19th-20th centuries). – Saint Petersburg, 1999;
  • Alexandrova, A., Kuzmich, I., Melenteva, T. Непропавшие сюжеты (Everlasting Stories). – Moscow: Russian, 2006;
  • Chekhov’s Humorous Short Stories. –Moscow: Russian, 1989.
  • Wachtel, M. The Cambridge Introduction to Russian Poetry. Cambridge, 2008;
  • Video materials featuring the biographies of Russian authors and their works.


  • Non-specialized courses 1 lesson 10 lessons
    Private lessons 13 € 125 €
    Group lessons 9 € 85 €
  • Non-specialized courses 1 lesson 10 lessons
    Private lessons 17 € 165 €
    Group lessons 12 € 115 €
  • Non-specialized courses 1 lesson 10 lessons
    Private lessons 25 € 245 €
    Group lessons 18 € 175 €

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