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1. What is Russificate? Is it a new Russian school?

Russificate is a collection of innovative tools designed to provide students with a wide range of methods to learn Russian, wherever they are and whatever their level is. [/two_third]

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It includes:

Russificate is not a new school! The Russian language blog with the same name has been offering the same services since 2009.

2. Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are professionals who have relevant qualifications and extensive work experience. They work both in Russian language schools and via Skype. Each of them speaks a second language, which is important for beginner and intermediate levels. You can check out their CVs on our page. If necessary, teachers will provide all the documentation related to their qualifications, training and work experience. We know each other personally and organize regular meetings to discuss our courses, class materials and evaluate students’ progress.

3. What courses do we offer?

We are the first online Russian academy to offer such a wide range of courses: from general ones to specialized courses such as the business course and the exam preparation course. Our teachers have the necessary skills to offer all these courses, and they will supply all the required materials. You can also propose any type of course or a course combination you wish.

4. How does the price system work?

Our price system is flexible and reasonable: the amount paid depends on the type of course chosen and the duration of the lessons. The courses are divided into two groups: non-specialized and specialized. Discounts are available for packages of classes and for loyal customers. The first lesson is considered to be trial and therefore it is free of charge.

5. Are the testimonials real?

Yes, they are! Please, feel free to ask us for the mails of the students who wrote testimonials for us! You can just contact them to find out all the necessary details about our Russian lessons.

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