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Russificate Blog App

Based on the Russificate Blog, this Android application is mainly aimed at B1-C1 level students and contains various grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening exercises. You can download it for free from here:


Russian Verbs

Aimed at B1-C1 level students, this free app will help you master the main Russian verb patterns (Russian verbs with cases and prepositions). It’s especially important for those who are preparing for the TORFL-2 exam.


Russian Idioms

Our new free Android app is also aimed at intermediate and advanced students who are interested in Russian idiomatic expressions and would like to learn some of them by heart to be able to use them in real life.


Colloquial Russian

Created by experienced Russian teachers and aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced Russian learners (levels B2-C1), our free app will help you master the most popular Russian words and expressions, used in everyday speech.



This app was created by official TORFL (The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) examiners and professional Russian teachers.
It contains 100 grammar and vocabulary questions, which correspond to B1 level of the Russian language, according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Our test will help you prepare for TORFL-1 exam.


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