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Politics and Diplomacy

This Russian language course is designed for the great number of students at levels B2-C1 who are interested in the specialized Russian language related to politics and diplomacy. This course can be used as a higher qualification for diplomats, translators, people who work at international conferences and employees of international organizations.
During the lessons methods will be used for the development of lexical and grammatical constructions prevalent in this environment, as well as authentic speech and discussion in text or video format, etc. The lessons are directed towards comprehension, effective assimilation and the translation of established terminology and constructions. The average course comprises 30 hours, however it may be extended according to a student’s wishes.

Class materials used:

1. Perevoznikova, A. K. Русский язык для дипломатов (Russian for Diplomats). – Moscow: Russian Language, 2013;
2. Commissarova, T. A. Volkova, K. B. Грани политики (Facets of Politics). Saint Petersburg: Zlatoust, 2002;
3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation website:
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation page on You Tube:


Individual lessons

1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 14 EUR 135 EUR
60 minutes 18 EUR 175 EUR
90 minutes 27 EUR 265 EUR

Small group lessons

1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 11 EUR per person 105 EUR per person
60 minutes 14 EUR per person 135 EUR per person
90 minutes 21 EUR per person 205 EUR per person

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