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Russian for Kids

This course of Russian language is specially designed for Russian-speaking kids and teenagers who live abroad. Each learning program is individual and depends on the previous knowledge of the child and their age. Normally it starts with sounds and letters and ends up with grammar terms and small original texts. Writing is considered an important part of the course. The class materials are presented as a form of play.

These are some important contents of the Russian For Kids course:

  • Letters and sounds;
  • Reading and listening: simple phrases, proverbs, tongue-twisters
  • First Russian words, divided into main topics;
  • Russian cursive writing;
  • Main Russian grammar categories, explained as a form of play;
  • Small original texts: А.Барто, К.Чуковский, С.Маршак, С.Михалков, Б.Житков, etc.

Class materials used:

  • Майборода И.В. Наша азбука: рабочая тетрадь. – СПб: Златоуст, 2008;
  • Таблица. Зоопарк по алфавиту. – СПб: Златоуст, 2005;
  • Голубева А.В. Первые уроки русского письма. – СПб: Златоуст, 2011;
  • Низник М. Русский без границ (3 книги). – СПб: Златоуст, 2011.


Individual lessons

1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 14 EUR 135 EUR
60 minutes 18 EUR 175 EUR
90 minutes 27 EUR 265 EUR

Small group lessons

1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 11 EUR per person 105 EUR per person
60 minutes 14 EUR per person 135 EUR per person
90 minutes 21 EUR per person 205 EUR per person

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