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Individual Consultations for Teachers of RFL

Individual Consultations for Teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language Our personalized consultation for RFL teachers is designed primarily for beginning teachers and will address the following questions: – General questions regarding RFL teaching method. – How to teach the four main language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing). – How to teach different aspects of […]

Course for Teaching Russian Language Online

This course is intended for anyone who would like to master the skills necessary for conducting online Russian language lessons. In the course of five sessions we will examine all of the most important aspects of teaching Russian online. In the final session, the student must present their own Russian lesson, prepared in advance on […]

Russian Language and Literature According to the Russian School Program

Русский язык и литература по российской школьной программе This course is aimed at Russian-speaking children and adolescents living outside Russia who would like to study Russian language and literature according to the Russian school curriculum, using Russian school textbooks. The course is conducted by a professional teacher with many years of experience teaching in schools. […]

Russian Teacher Training Course

The course is aimed at those who want to master the technique of teaching Russian as a foreign language in a short period of time. The course covers all the most important topics and aspects of teaching Russian to a foreign audience. Homework is offered after each lesson. It helps the students revise the learned […]

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are aimed at students who have certain questions about the Russian grammar, vocabulary, syntax, morphology and also about Russian history, literature and other topics. These questions could pop up due to the writing of essays, dissertations or other works connected to diplomas and degrees- topics which in one way or another are connected […]

Corrective Сourse

This course is aimed at students who possess different levels of Russian (A2-C2), who, for any reason, are in need of practicing certain skills- reading, speaking, listening and writing, but also to repeat and to go over certain grammar and vocabulary of Russian, which were not grasped before or which presented difficulties. It is especially […]

Conversation and slang

The current course is aimed at B2-C1 level students, wishing to study the everyday conversational and the slang of Russian in more depth, including ‘young’ slang. During the lessons not only are the student books used but also modern video and audio materials, clips from the modern literary works, dictionaries of the conversational sayings and […]

Politics and Diplomacy

This Russian language course is designed for the great number of students at levels B2-C1 who are interested in the specialized Russian language related to politics and diplomacy. This course can be used as a higher qualification for diplomats, translators, people who work at international conferences and employees of international organizations. During the lessons methods […]

Russian History

This course is intended for students from levels B2-C1. It is a short course in Russian history from ancient times to today, or might consist of certain periods of Russian history that especially interest the student. During the lessons students will use specialized resources and will become familiar with video materials featuring different periods in […]

Russian in the Media

The Russian language used in the media differs substantially from that used in conversation or in literary works. The aim of this course is to train students in the particularities of the language of the press, including television and radio broadcasting as well as periodicals, newspapers and magazines. During the lessons the teacher will propose […]

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