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What makes Russificate different?

  • 01.

    Professional native teachers

    We work only with professional teachers with large teaching experience via Skype

  • 02.

    Individual approach

    Personalized Russian learning programs and course combinations are possible

  • 03.

    Crafted for you

    Russian language classes built on student-centred activities

  • 04.

    Wide variety of courses

    We offer a variety of Russian language courses to teach you exactly what you need

  • 05.

    Group lessons and webinars

    Share the cost with your friends or join our webinar

  • 06.

    First lessons for free!

    Your first 30-minute long trial lesson is absolutely free!

  • 07.

    Pay after

    Payment after each lesson is possible

  • 08.

    Get a diploma

    We issue a diploma at the end of each level of study

Russificate offers a collection of innovative tools designed to provide students with a wide range of methods to learn Russian, wherever they are and whatever their level is.

Our teachers

All our teachers are native Russian speakers

  • Natalia
    Speaks: English, Spanish, Ukrainian
    Natalia is a qualified tutor of Russian as a second language. She has been teaching Russian for about 10 years … read more
  • Tatiana S.
    Tatiana is a teacher of Russian language and literature with 24 years of experience as a school teacher. Tatiana worked … read more
  • Svetlana
    Speaks: English, French, Spanish
    Svetlana is a professional Russian as a foreign language teacher with a great deal of experience and an educational background … read more
  • Alexandra
    Speaks: English, Italian
    Alexandra is a certified Russian language tutor with extensive teaching experience. She has been teaching Russian for more than 17 … read more
  • Dana
    Speaks: English, French, Latvian
    Dana is a qualified Russian teacher with a teaching degree. Her second mother tongue is Latvian. Dana has a wide … read more
  • Tatiana L.
    Speaks: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
    Tatiana is a qualified teacher of Russian as a foreign language with a wide work experience in the field. She … read more

How it works

An online Russian lesson is like a real Russian lesson in the classroom, because both the teacher and the student can see each other and speak to each other with the use of a headset and a web camera.

If you are interested in receiving real time Russian lessons, you will have to install Skype because it allows interactive communication.

Online Russian lessons are one-to-one classes, and if your Internet connection is fast and works properly, you will be able to hear the teacher perfectly, so it won’t be a passive language learning experience, but an active one, with an important speaking component.

No, it is not just speaking! The newest Russian learning materials are scanned and sent to you via email; in this way both the teacher and the student will be able to use them during the lessons.
In order to practise writing, the Russian keyboard has to be installed.
We also do listening, using Internet podcasts and Youtube videos.
Of course, we also do home reading, it is an important part of our course. For the beginner, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels we scan texts from the reading books. However, for advanced students we search for interesting texts on the Internet.

Our main aim is to include all the language components into our Russian language course (grammar, vocabulary, communication, reading, speaking, writing and listening) and to use the communicative approach during our lessons.

We use the newest Russian language materials in our courses. The majority of them are scanned; some of them are used online.

A virtual blackboard is one of the main tools of our classes. During the class, you and your teacher build up an electronic scrapbook of material that is relevant to you and which can be reviewed at any time.

We also use mindmaps, word clouds, infographics, interactive exercises and images, Google maps, flash cards and other resources related to new technologies.

The payment can be realized by a transfer to our Paypal account.
Other payment options are also possible and can be discussed.

Your payments are 100% secure: we never see your bank account or credit card information.


School Presentation

Do you want to know why our online Russian language school “Russificate” is an innovative e-learning project? Watch our video presentation and find out more about learning Russian via Skype on our school website!

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